Catholic Conference For Moms

Catholic Conference for Moms: March 6 to 9, 2015


A free, online conference for Catholic moms will be held  March 6 to March 9 at Not only is it free, but it is available on computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Unlike other online seminars where the presentation is running live and you have to tune in at a certain time, these video presentations have been prepared far in advance. Organizer, Tami Kiser, gives the reason for this: “For most of us busy moms, it’s very hard to predict when we are going to have a chunk of time during the day to listen to a presentation. This online conference is different—for any given day of the conference, moms can pull up any of the presentations available that day at any time. She can even listen to part of the talk now and finish it later. With all of the presentations about 20 minutes, this makes it very convenient and actually doable.”

Over 25 speakers are taking part of the conference, and the presentations range from “Managing Stress” to “Talking to Your Children about Sex” to “Family Meals.”

Uniting so many moms together from across the country was an exciting prospect that helped presenter, Stephanie Wood Weinert, decide to be a part of this project. “I love anything that can unite Catholic moms—especially moms from such diverse backgrounds and ages. We can all see that we have the same struggles, same hopes, and the same desires.” There are over 60 affiliates who have agreed to help support this conference. Most of these affiliates are Catholic mom bloggers—the lifeblood of Catholic moms who use the internet for support, inspiration, and education.

The conference is free and will be online for those who have registered through the website, . The conference begins on Friday, March 6, the eve of the Feast of the Catholic mother martyrs Sts. Felicity and Perpetua and ends on Monday, March 9, the Feast of St. Francis of Rome. St Francis of Rome has this advice for mothers, “It is most laudable in a married woman to be devout, but she must never forget that she is a housewife. And sometimes she must leave God at the altar to find Him in her housekeeping” (Butler’s Lives of the Saints). The conference will be available to purchase afterwards at the website or at an affiliate Catholic mom’s blog or website.

Excerpts from Catholic Conference for Moms’ press release.


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