The Third Way

This beautiful 40 minute video by Blackstone Films is about homosexuality and the Catholic Church.  It features several interviews with people who live with same-sex attraction yet have experienced conversion and freedom through the Catholic Church.  It also features several well-known Catholic speakers who share the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality and how to go about loving the homosexual person. 

We, the members of the Catholic Church (and the Christian church at large) have much to learn about in loving our homosexual brothers and sisters.  This video is a start.

Please watch and share this brand new film from Blackstone Films, The Third Way.


Thank you to DC from the blog Letters to Christopher for first sharing it on his blog.


One thought on “The Third Way

  1. When I have a moment, I look forward to watching this video. It is important to know how to articulate on this theme correctly from the Catholic Church’s perspective. Thanks for sharing it here. God bless!

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