The Work of His Hands

It is good to give thanks to the LORD,
to sing praise to your name, Most High,

To proclaim your love at daybreak,
your faithfulness in the night,

With the ten-stringed harp,
with melody upon the lyre.

For you make me jubilant, LORD, by your deeds;
at the works of your hands I shout for joy.

How great are your works, LORD!
How profound your designs!

Psalm 92: 2-6

Glory of God

When I see the beauty of God’s creation especially in an incredible sunset, I cannot help but thank God for the beauty that I encounter before me. Like the one who wrote this psalm, I feel jubilant and want to shout for joy at the work of his hands. I think about this unexpected “gift” of his that he gives me. I think about how great God is, the Creator of the Earth, the King of the Universe, and how even though I am small and insignificant compared to him, he sends me a message of love as I behold his beauty.

But that is not all.   God loves me even more than I can comprehend.  As I read the psalm tonight, God reminds me that I am also a work of his hands. The psalmist says, How great are your works…How profound your designs!  I am also a great work, a profound design.   I should be jubilant and shout for joy in my heart because I am also beauty, God’s creation.

How often I forget.  How often I doubt.  But all I have to do is pause, and feast my eyes on a gorgeous sunset, observe a bird in flight,  spot a lovely daisy in a garden, or catch the smile on the face of another beautiful creation of God sitting at the dinner table.   God is always speaking to me, to us, through his beauty.

Great are your works, Lord.

The above picture was taken at Jenny Jump State Forest in Hope, NJ.  The Delaware Water Gap can be seen in the distance.

This is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon


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